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Human 1.0 is a research-based marketing and innovation consulting firm, enabling companies to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the re-emergence of social customers and employees — we call this building Hyper-Social Organizations.

It’s not that employees and customers have suddenly become social — humans have been social for eons. But as companies grew in size, they became less driven by social principles and more focused on efficient operations, product development, and conventional marketing. It no longer mattered if people complained about management at the water cooler, or warned friends about a bad company or shoddy products. With the advent of social media, however, all that changed – and radically changed the way you need to manage your business.

You need to innovate differently and you need to change the way you engage your customers.

That is where we come in. We have helped CIO’s, CMO’s, CTO’s and CHRO’s from a variety of industries transform the way they collaborate, innovate, and market themselves by powering their processes with people. We have successfully identified consumer and employee tribes, built innovation cultures, and developed winning social strategies for our clients.

Humans are born to innovate, they deal with change through culture, and they live and work in tribes (the second most ancient human social instinct). To succeed you absolutely need to understand those dynamics and incorporate them into your strategies; let us show you how.

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