3 ways your brand can be more human

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The importance of being human

Humanizing brands is a popular topic, but people mean different things when they use this phrase, both in terms of what it means and why you should care.

So what does “humanizing brands” mean?
Brands get created in the customers’ minds based on interactions in the marketplace. These interactions could be a good or bad recommendation from a friend or colleague, an experience with the vendor’s customer service department, an encounter with one of the company’s ads, or an exchange with one of its salespeople.

Thus, “humanizing” a brand simply means to make those customer experiences over which you have control, and which lead to a customer’s expectation of value about your brand, more human. Note that the experiences over which you don’t have control — such as word of mouth, through which people help others by recommending products or warning them to stay away — are already human.

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