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For Cambridge, MA, January 27, 2011

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Announcing the Hyper-Social Mini Summits, where you can:

Find out how leading companies like FedEx, jetBlue, Dell, Best Buy, Microsoft and others leverage Human Hyper-Sociality to gain game-changing competitive advantages.

Learn how to apply those principles to your business…and become risk intelligent about social media

Join 50 CMO’s, CIO’s and other CXO’s to brainstorm on how to leverage “The Social” and power your business with people.

Based on the research that went into our award winning book, The Hyper-Social Organization, we will help you turn the ideas presented in a book into actionable and measurable programs for your business.

Who should attend?

Executives with customer-facing job responsibilities – e.g., marketing, sales, IT and customer service executives.

Why should you attend, and what will you walk away with?

There is a real first-mover advantage in this space – the first company within an industry that will crack this current wave of innovation and disruption, powered by social media, will steal market share from others. It’s that simple. The early signs of those first-mover advantages are there for everyone to see, provided that you can see clearly through the haze of confusion that is currently being created by bad advice and counseling.

You should attend this session because you simply cannot afford not to. With our deep business process expertise and our in-depth knowledge of how successful companies turn this wave of social disruption to their advantage, we can help you:

  • make sense of what is going on
  • diagnose the readiness of your organization to leverage those changes
  • and prescribe the right strategies and tactics to get ahead

What is the format of the Summit ?

The Hyper-Social Summits will be highly interactive and provide you with the opportunity to test some of your thoughts and plans with peers and experts.

There will be two interactive, lecture-style, sessions and three peer-to-peer brainstorming sessions.

The principles of the Hyper-Social Organization

In this session we will review the principles of The Hyper-Social Organization – including the true drivers of this current wave of innovation, how successful  organizations think differently about their business, and what they do differently. We will send you a copy of the book at the time of registration so that we can keep this session highly interactive.

The results from the 2010 Tribalization of Business Study

Every year, Deloitte and Human 1.0 conduct a study, called the Tribalization of Business Study, which looks at how companies leverage and measure progress and success of their social media and community-based programs. In it’s third year, the study so far has documented the case studies of over 1,000 companies. In this session we will review industry best and worst practices as well as the data that is behind much of our thinking.

You customers are Hyper-Social, what does that mean to your business?

In this peer-to-peer brainstorming session we will brainstorm on what it means to your customer-facing processes to have your customers be Hyper-Social. How does the fact that they make buying decisions without you being involved affect your marketing? How does the fact that they are hardwired for reciprocity and fairness impact your customer support programs? How can you improve your new product innovation introduction success ratios?  These and other questions will be addresses in this session.

Your employees are Hyper-Social, what does that mean to your business?

It is hard to turn your customer-facing processes into social processes without getting your Hyper-Social employees involved. In this brainstorming session we will attempt to answer questions like: How do you convince your management to let your employees engage? What policies do you put in place? What are the benefits you can expect from leveraging your Hyper-Social employees? What is the cost of doing nothing? What is the role of trust in your business?

How do you become Risk Intelligent about social media?

Become more risk intelligent about social media:  you will learn about some of the pitfalls associated with social media – both the risks of not participating and of your organization becoming more Hyper-Social.  We will discuss instances where executives and employees alike have been tripped up in their experimentation with social media, and how even “good” social media can have unintended consequences.  We will illustrate steps companies are taking to understand, manage and mitigate risks associated with their use of social media.

Following this day-long session we will gather for a dinner where you can continue to process your thoughts, ideas, and plans through informal conversations with your peers and experts.

The logistics and cost

The cost to attend one of those sessions is $499. That includes a copy of the book, attendance to the Summit and attendance to the post-Summit dinner. In order to maximize the content and impact of the various sessions that will also include a pre-Summit conference call to get a feel for what your expectations are and for what your current situation looks like – your goals, your expected obstacles, etc. It will also include a post-Summit call to answer any new questions that may come up as you go back to work and start thinking of implementing some of those concepts.

Register Now – Space is Limited!

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If interested, we can also custom-design a tailored Hyper-Social Mini Summit just for your organization. To inquire, please contact us via email or fill out this form.

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