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The Hyper-Social Organization

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“The definitive, maximum-impact guide to using the transformative power of social media as the ultimate competitive advantage”

There is little doubt left about the impact of social media on organizations and business processes – it is, in a word, transformational. What is being debated and tested by countless organizations: how to leverage those changes to one’s benefit. Some are approaching it as a new channel of communication, the way email changed internal and external communications. And some are just using it as a new platform to which to port old (read: tired) processes and tactics like recruiting, marketing, and couponing. And yes, some are using it to effectively spam their customers and other constituents.

Those that are truly successful are transforming themselves into Hyper-Social organizations – realizing that at the core of the Web 2.0 changes is the Human 1.0 reentering organizations and businesses.

Based on the yearly Tribalization of Business Study, which looks at how companies leverage social media and communities as part of their business, in-depth interviews with Fortune 500 executives as part of the book writing process, first hand experiences from their consulting work, and research from leading academic institutions, Francois Gossieaux and Ed Moran, the authors of The Hyper-Social Organization describe how successful Hyper-Social organizations think differently about their business and act differently. They focus on Tribes and Knowledge Networks instead of the more traditional Market Segments and Information Channels, and they are human-centric to fault, ditching the old company and product-centricity. They turn all their business processes into social processes and they embrace the messiness that comes with the social.

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